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【Clubhouse Games】so many games wooooo【EN Collab】#えむLIVE #VTuber

204 views · Uploaded Jan 20, 2021 · Archived Feb 24, 2021

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世界のアソビ大全51! *Clubhouse Games 51 is a game developed by NDcube and published by Nintendo. I do not own the rights to the game.* 💫Hiei Rin / 弾永燐💫【Guest】 YouTube: Twitter: 💗 Support me here/チップ・ドネーション:💗 Streamlabs - Buy me a coffee - *Both methods will show up on stream* (Ko-fi doesn't display the amount + message but I will read it on stream when I can) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- °˖✧ Introduction ✧˖° Hello there! Emuri-dayon! ✧ I’m Emuri, a college student Vtuber ^v^ I speak both English and Japanese. I play games and occasionally sing and play the violin! I want to bring a smile to everyone with my streams. Nice to meet you 🎻✨ はじめまして!えむりだよん!✧ 女子大生Vtuberの柊えむりです〜 日本語と英語両方OKだよん! ゲーム実況、そしてたまに歌ったりバイオリンを弾いたりします! 私の配信でみんなを笑顔にしたい♡ よろしくです(o˘ω˘o) 🎻💗 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- °˖✧ Chat Rules・チャットのお約束 ✧˖° 1. Please be nice to everyone! みんなに優しくね! 2. No spoilers unless I say it’s ok! ネタバレはNG 3. Please be mindful of language and refrain from explicit comments! 不適切な表現や言葉はNG 4. Please keep chat relevant to the stream. 配信に関するお話のみでお願いします。 5. Please don't mention other streamers unless the topic is brought up. Similarly, please don't mention me in other streamers' chats! 他の配信者さんについてのコメントは控えて下さい。同じく、えむりの事を他の配信者さんのところでコメントしないでね! 6. If you see any violators, please just ignore and block/report. NGなコメントは無視してブロックなどしてね。 7. Have fun ^_^ 楽しんでね! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- °˖✧ Twitter ✧˖° @HiiragiEmuri Follow me on my Twitter for my stream schedule and other info! Twitterでのフォローお願いします (っ˘ω˘ς ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- °˖✧ Hashtags・ハッシュタグ ✧˖° Live/ライブ: #えむLIVE Art/アート:#絵むり Fans/ファンネーム:Emu Nyakama (えむにゃかま) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- °˖✧ Email ✧˖° [email protected] **Business and collab inquiries only please!** **ビジネスやコラボに関するメールのみでお願いします** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- °˖✧ Credit ✧˖° Music: from DOVA-SYNDROME - ; from Daystar - Bedroom Background/お部屋の背景画:by Omorphia (@Omorphia1 on Twitter) Free Overlay Graphics/背景フリー素材:by OKUMONO ( ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for stopping by! It would make me super happy if you could leave a like or comment and subscribe to my channel ♡ 配信を観てくれてありがとう! 高評価やコメント、もちろんチャンネル登録はすっごく嬉しいです ♡

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