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【Gal*Gun 2】✨First FPS!✨ぎゃる☆がん2【EN & 日本語】#VTuber

404 views · Uploaded Dec 10, 2020 · Archived Feb 24, 2021

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I am very excited Warning/注意: This game contains ecchi elements! Please don't watch the stream if that makes you uncomfortable. このゲームはセンシティブな内容があります。嫌いな方は配信を観ないでね! *Gal Gun is a game by Inti Creates. I do not own the rights to the game.* 💗 Support me here/チップ・ドネーション:💗 Streamlabs - https://hiiragiemurich Buy me a coffee - *Both methods will show up on stream* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- °˖✧ Introduction ✧˖° Hello there! Emuri-dayon! ✧ I’m Emuri, a college student Vtuber ^^ I speak both English and Japanese. I play games and occasionally sing and play the violin! I want to bring a smile to everyone with my streams. Nice to meet you 🍒❄️ はじめまして!えむりだよん!✧ 女子大生Vtuberの柊えむりです〜 日本語と英語両方OKだよ! ゲーム実況、そしてたまに歌ったりバイオリンを弾いたりします! 私の配信でみんなを笑顔にしたい♡ よろしくです(o˘ω˘o) 🍒❄️ Accepting Q&A and messages through Marshmallow! マシュマロでQ&A・メッセージを募集してます💌 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- °˖✧ Chat Rules・チャットのお約束 ✧˖° 1. Please be nice to everyone! みんなに優しくね! 2. No spoilers unless I say it’s ok! ネタバレはNG 3. Keep chat content wholesome. No explicit language please! 不適切な表現や言葉はNG 4. Please keep chat relevant to the stream. 配信に関するお話のみでお願いします。 5. Have fun ^_^ 楽しんでね! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- °˖✧ Twitter ✧˖° @HiiragiEmuri Follow me on my Twitter for my stream schedule and other info! Twitterでのフォローお願いします (っ˘ω˘ς ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- °˖✧ Hashtags・ハッシュタグ ✧˖° Live/ライブ: #えむLIVE Art/アート:#絵むり Fans/ファンネーム:#えむリスナー ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- °˖✧ Email ✧˖° [email protected] **Business and collab inquiries only please!** **ビジネスやコラボに関するメールのみでお願いします** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- °˖✧ Music Used・お借りしたBGM ✧˖° Daystar - Fluffy / ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- °˖✧ Other Credit ✧˖° Bedroom Background/お部屋の背景画:by Omorphia (@Omorphia1 on Twitter) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for stopping by! It would make me super happy if you could leave a like or comment and subscribe to my channel ♡ 配信を観てくれてありがとう! 高評価やコメント、もちろんチャンネル登録はすっごく嬉しいです ♡

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