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【Rabi-Ribi】I hope Youtube doesn't strike me for this game.../このゲーム配信しても怒らないでね、Youtubeくん

87 views · Uploaded Apr 20, 2022 · Archived Jun 24, 2022

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なんかエロそうなゲームに見えるけど... アンケートとってみてみんながこれをやってって言ったらやってみるけど... Veeは悪くないからね。 The game looks kind of... spicy. But I'm playing it cause you guys told me to play it. Vee did nothing wrong. I'm not even looking at the characters okay. Blindfold run lets gooooo. Follow me at: ルールとかはそんなに在りませんが、人に迷惑だけはかけないで下さい。あとは、 配信の時に個人的な会話をしないでください。 No real rules per se. Just don't cause problems for people and be nice. Try to avoid personal conversations/ talk unrelated to the stream. Aside from that, it's fair game! BGM by OtoLogic(CC BY 4.0)

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