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【DOOM II #04】still hate the meatball and the jock skellys【NIJISANJI EN | Pomu Rainpuff】

18,112 views · Uploaded Sep 15, 2021 · Archived Sep 15, 2021

2,850 likes / 10 dislikes
Thumbnail art: Thank you!!~ ✨---------✨ 【Streamlabs Donations】 Follow me here! 【Twitter】 【Marshmallow】 TASG PKZ = Ikuzo but with Pomu!! Stream: #PomuLive Art: #PomuPaint Meme: #bigppmemes Fan name: Pomudachi Oshi mark: 🧚🍂 ✨---------✨ RULES THANKS FOR WATCHING!! 1. Please be respectful to everyone! 2. No spamming, trolling, or discussing controversial subjects 3. Please don't bring up other streamers unless I mention them first and please don't mention me in other streamer's chats 4. Please keep comments relevant to the stream 5. No spoilers! 6. Believing in fairies is a must!!! ✨---------✨ 【Follow Lazulight!】 Elira: Finana: Lazulight Original Song - Diamond City Lights (Official MV): NIJISANJI: 【NIJISANJI Official YouTube (EN)】 【Reddit】 【Official NIJISANJI Site】 【Official ANYCOLOR Site】 ✨---------✨ CREDIT Loading screen wota chibi: @walfieee BGM - DOVA-SYNDROME Tree background created by upklyak - Karaoke background - OKUMONO #NIJISANJIEN #NIJISANJI #NIJISANJI_EN #LazuLight

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