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Edumucate me! LET'S TALK WWE (rhea ripley please destroy my spleen)

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『Streamlabs Donations』 $5+ for tts to prevent spam lmao Art: 【NEW VOICE PACK】 【1ST STEP GOODS】 『Streamlabs Donations』 🌙 『NIJISANJI EN Cosmic encounter with「ILUNA」 DEBUT! ( 『ILUNA - Let's Get It Started (Official Music Video) | NIJISANJI EN』 ( 🌙 『Tags』 -Group Name: #ILUNA -GENERAL: #ScarleYonaguni -LIVE: #ScarleLive -ART: #ScarleArt -NSFW: #ScarleLewd -MEMES: #YonaMAMA -ASSETS: #ScarleAssets -THUMBNAIL: #ScarleNail -FAN NAME: Scarlings 🌙 『My socials』 🌙 『Rules』 DO NOT MENTION NUMBERS IF YOU DO YOU WILL BE TIMES OUT 💋No discussions or comments about politics, drama, or doxxing speculations. If I see it as a comment it will be removed and you will be timed out. If it is a dono/superchat, I will thank you for the dono, but I will not read the message. 💋Please be mindful. No spamming or harmful words please. Especially the loading emoji, because I will worry I am lagging when I am not and spamming emojis in general is distracting to me and distracting to others in the chat so please be mindful. One comment with emojis are fine, but please no spamming multiple comments with emojis or you will get timed out. 💋No trauma dumping. I understand we all have our bad days, and I am so happy to hear that my streams helped you get through a bad day or a hard time in your life. But please no comments/superchats/donos with traumatic experiences or anything that could be considered triggering to others. It makes me uncomfortable as well as others in the chat. If you do this, I will thank you for the dono/superchat but I will not read it. 💋 Please do not bring up other Livers in chat unless I bring them up first. This includes shipping that involves me. Please don't comment that some other liver is live or bring up unrelated topics to the stream. 💋Additionally, please do not bring ME up in other Liver’s chats as well. We are all representing each others fanbases so the last thing we want is to make the streamer or the other viewers uncomfortable or annoyed when another liver is brought up randomly. 💋Please stay on topic during the stream. If there are multiple unrelated stream comments you will be timed out. Please keep comments stream related. 💋 Obviously don't be rude or mean to others in chat, if I see comments saying "this person annoying" I will time you out. If someone in the chat is bothering you, you can block them. Don't make it a thing in my chat. 💋Let’s have fun together! We are all here to have fun! Don't take things too seriously, if something is going on in the chat, please stay calm and I or a potential mod will take care of it. Thank you. 🌙 『ILUNA』 Kyo Kaneko (金子 鏡) Maria Marionette (マリア マリオネット) Aster Arcadia (アルカディア) Aia Amare (アイア アマレ) Ren Zotto (レン ゾット) Scarle Yonaguni (スカーレ ヨナグニ) 🌙 『NIJISANJI Official Website』 『Official NIJISANJI EN Twitter』 『NIJISANJI Official Twitch 』 『Official ANYCOLOR Website』 For Business and PR Inquiries : 🌙 『Credits』 BGM - DOVA-SYNDROME ママ: Overlays: Schedule Template & Logo: Lore Art: Schedule Art: Chibi Art: ▽ Guidance for minors #NIJISANJI #NIJISANJI_EN #ILUNA

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