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【SAKURA WARS V】trust the word of the law 🐾

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all girls are cute but have you met diana? 🐾✨ lovely illustration by @divergenceok 💕 This game is being streamed and monetized with permission and under license. ©SEGA Get your paws on hololive English -Advent- merchandise! hololive official shop ▷ EN ▷ JP GeekJack ▷ EN ▷ CH ≪(∪・ω・∪三∪・ω・∪)≫ hololive English -Advent- 1st Original song【Rebellion】 Stream Rebellion: (∪・ω・∪ ♡::::::::::::::::♡ ∪・ω・∪) #FUWAMOCO (Streams 配信) #FWMCpix (Fanart 絵) #helpFWMC (Requests, Assets, Q&A リクエスト/素材/Q&A用) #lilFWMC (Clips 切り抜き) #FWMCbeats (Music 音楽) #FWMCwww (Memes ミーム) #FWMCMORNING (Variety Show バラエティ番組) ≪TWITTER≫ @FUWAMOCOch ≪(∪・ω・∪三∪・ω・∪)≫ ≪CREDITS≫ BGM: solfa Opening: pre_sktch Stinger: コールスローイ Ending: saru 沙流 ≪(∪・ω・∪ ♡::::::::::::::::♡ ∪・ω・∪)≫ ♡ RULES ♡ ・Be nice to other viewers and treat everyone with respect! Let’s make a loving community! ♡ ・All forms of hate, discrimination, harassment, and trolling are not permitted. ・Don’t bring up other channels or streams unless they are mentioned by FUWAMOCO. ・No spoilers please, but feel free to give advice when asked! ・Please limit comments unrelated to FUWAMOCO or spam so that we can read your comments! ・Chat prior to the start of the stream is fine as long as it’s related to the stream. ・Most importantly, have fun!! We need your smile to protect! BAU BAU!! 🐾 ≪(∪・ω・∪三∪・ω・∪)≫ [Fan Work Guidelines] ≪(∪・ω・∪三∪・ω・∪)≫ Request from hololive Production to underage viewers: Please be sure to check the link below before viewing our content. ≪(∪・ω・∪三∪・ω・∪)≫ [Official Online Shop] [Holoschedule] (Check all members streaming schedules) ≪(∪・ω・∪三∪・ω・∪)≫ [Hololive Production] ・Hololive English YouTube Channel: ・Hololive Production Official Twitter: ・Hololive English Official Twitter: ・Hololive English Official Reddit:

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