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【Hollow Knight】What's hidden in this rainy city? / この雨に覆われた街にはどんな秘密があるのか?

67 views · Uploaded Mar 16, 2022 · Archived Jul 19, 2022

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ボスにたどり着くのかな?可愛い声の虫にまた会えるのかな? Can I finally make it to the boss this time? Will I meet that cute-voiced bug lady again? lol who knows. Also, please don't backseat unless I ask! Follow me at: Original Art: @deathsample ルールとかはそんなに在りませんが、人に迷惑だけはかけないで下さい。あとは、 配信の時に個人的な会話をしないでください。 No real rules per se. Just don't cause problems for people and be nice. Try to avoid personal conversations/ talk unrelated to the stream. Aside from that, it's fair game! BGM by OtoLogic(CC BY 4.0)

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