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【 Minecraft 】Please teach me how to build a giant flaming eye

17,330 views · Uploaded Sep 22, 2022 · Archived Sep 23, 2022

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This game is being streamed and monetized after confirming with Mojang based on the following Terms and Conditions ( Thumbnail Art: If you graced me with a subscription to my activities, I would be quite delighted. The notification is rather useful for not missing our exchanges of knowledge. So might one click it? There are only two choices “to press like”, and the wrong choice. Noir Vesper ノワール・ヴェスパー | HOLOSTARS English-TEMPUS- Welcome! Call me Vesper or Noir, whichever you prefer. How do you like your tea? Twitter: [Hashtags] (LIVE) #vesperONLINE (FANART) #vespART (FAN NAME) VESFRIENDS 🔽TEMPUS Guild Members🔽 Regis Altare Debut Stream: 22 July, 2022 (Fri) 6PM PST [Twitter] -------- Magni Dezmond Debut Stream: 22 July, 2022 (Fri) 7PM PST [Twitter] -------- Axel Syrios Debut Stream: 23 July, 2022(Sat) 6PM PST [Twitter] -------- 🔽My Favorite Tweets🔽 (these are not my favorite tweets, Engish is #1 no contest) 1. 2. 3. -------- HOLOSTARS Official Website: hololive production Official Twitter:

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