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【Zatsudan & SC Reading】Let's chill and talk Hakkitos!

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Super grateful for all your support, let's chat and chill Hakkitos! Thank you so much for the gorgeous thumbnail! ✦•······················•☼•······················•✦ So much to explore, it's dangerous to go alone, take a subscription! Make sure to ring the bell, just in case you need me to exorcise any evil spirits out there. Remember 1 Like = 1 Evil Spirit gone, let's work together and make this a happy place! Drop a follow if you want to stay up to date with the latest news and certified Hakka Moments! ✦Twitter: ✦Instagram: ✦•······················•☼•······················•✦ Check out my latest covers & Original! ✦Raven's Paradigm✦ ✦KiLLiNG ME✦ ✦ Sentimental Feelings of Love / センチメンタルな愛慕心✦ ✦Living ghost is alive / 生きてるおばけは生きている✦ ✦•······················•☼•······················•✦ ✦Cute hakkito asset: ✦•······················•☼•······················•✦ 🎁 MERCH 🎁 ▼Official Online Shop▼ JP: EN: ▼GeekJack▼ EN: CH: 🔽TEMPUS VG Members🔽 ✦•······················•☼•······················•✦ 🎩Gavis Bettel / ガビス・ベッテル🎩 YouTube: Twitter: ✦•········•✦ 🪫Machina X Flayon / マキナ・X・フレオン🪫 YouTube: Twitter: ✦•········•✦ 🔅Banzoin Hakka / 万象院ハッカ🔅 YouTube: Twitter: ✦•········•✦ 🏹Josuiji Shinri / 定水寺シンリ🏹 YouTube: Twitter: 🔽 HOLOSTARS ENGLISH Official🔽 ✦•······················•☼•······················•✦ YouTube: Twitter (Prod.): Website (TEMPUS): Website:(HOLOSTARS): 📢 VTuber Auditions! We await your application!📢 ✦•······················•☼•······················•✦ Request from Hololive Productions to underage viewers: Please be sure to check the link below before viewing our content.

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