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【Apex Legends】Back to The Ring with the Noob CEO 【Taka Radjiman | NIJISANJI ID】

3,072 views · Uploaded May 20, 2021 · Archived May 20, 2021

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Support me on Streamlabs! or on for local donations! (Supports: gopay, OVO, Link Aja, DANA, and Bank Transfers!) 【 VOICE CONTENTS ON SALE! 】 Check out NIJISANJI ID's first Voice Content Merchandise! Link: Voice Content terbaru sudah rilis! Bisa melalui pembayaran lokal! Today we're gonna play Apex Legends with Cia! Jangan lupa follow juga media sosial saya dan laman resmi NIJISANJI ID! NIJISANJI ID Official Link: 【Facebook】 Ichikara Official Link: 【Website】 #ApexLegends #NIJISANJI_ID #Stayhome

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