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Enemies to lovers? Nah, Enemies to Enemies That Smash! - Togainu no Chi 【NIJISANJI EN | Fulgur Ovid】

17,575 views · Uploaded Mar 31, 2024 · Archived Apr 1, 2024

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Togainu no Chi... when I was a younger lad I often wanted to know what this game was about since the MC was 100% my type and obviously... battle damage. Today I'll finally check out the game for the first time, completely blind. As it is a blind playthrough please keep any spoilers or hints out of the chat. That also counts calling out trigger warnings or upcoming scenes in the live chat. If you're watching this stream I expect you to be mature enough to curate your own online experience but not ruin it for others. Also please be aware, this stream and this game aren't for everyone. Togainu no Chi ~Lost Blood~ is a game full of adult scenarios and many uncomfortable circumstances for all the characters. We'll be dealing with the game in a mature way and enjoying the fictional story but it's not for everybody so if it isn't for you just feel free to leave and check out the next stream. If you do enjoy these types of games be sure to check out my other video as we played through the Dramatical Murder Demo at: ⚡【Hashtags】⚡ ⚡General: #FulgurOvid ⚡LIVE: #FulgurOvidHere ⚡Art: #Artchivist / #Legartus ⚡NSFW: #Cybussy ⚡Memes: #Fulguma ⚡Fiction: #FulFic ⚡Clips: #OVideos ⚡Thumbnails: #FoYoVid ⚡Story: #Legatus505 ⚡Fans: #Comfydants ⚡【SNS】⚡ ⚡Twitter: ⚡Legatus 505 Story and Lore Blog: ⚡Marshmallow: ⚡【Credits】⚡ Thumbnail Art: Full Credits for channel assets: ⚡【CHAT RULES】⚡ ᚩ. Fulgur Ovid is a fictional character. He is not here to become your parasocial friend or influence your worldview. Treat me as a form of entertainment and nothing more. If you can't do that, then don't bother showing up. Ⅰ. Be respectful to all chat members and me. Ⅱ. Don't mention other livers or their streams or compare our style/streams. Similarly don't bring me up in their streams unless they do first. Ⅲ. Don't spam/troll me or others in the chat or discuss hot topics/politics. Ⅳ. Don't backseat unless I've expressly asked for it. Feel free to mention if there's an Easter-egg or something missable coming up, but do not go into details of the Easter-egg or event as it will count as backseating and spoiling. Ⅴ. Be as horny as you like towards me and any fictional characters but DO NOT be thirsty or disrespectful to any other livers present or members of the chat. Ⅵ. Feel free to speak any language you want in the stream but follow all other chat rules no matter what language it's in. Be respectful to others using another language. Ⅶ. No Emote spam. Emotes should only make up part of a comment's text. The only exception to this is pre/post chat and big moments like rainbow supa or if I ask for an emote in chat. Even then only send 3 emotes per chat. Ⅷ. No mentioning sub-counts or viewer numbers unless I already brought up the topic. Ⅸ. Do not send Superchats or Donations asking for me to say a specific thing. I don't want you wasting your money and I won't do it. Ⅹ. Superchats, Streamlabs donations and memberships will be read at the beginning and end of each stream so as to not distract from the main topic, but there are times I am unable to. Treat donations as a gift rather than a demand for attention, and don't feel obligated to send them. Ⅺ. For donations of a personal or heavy nature I will read them silently. I am not a therapist and you shouldn't rely on me for validation or consultation. I may however read some parts aloud if I want to broach the subject. You can always ask me not to read them out loud on Streamlabs. If you are in need, you may seek professional help here: Ⅻ. Do not call me husband, wife, daddy, master, etc in chat as it will make me and others cringe. Feel free to go nuts outside the stream. XIII. During streams keep the chat focused on what's going on in the stream. Take personal conversations to DMs, discord or Twitter live threads #FulgurOvidHere and don't @ other people in chat as it's distracting and makes some uncomfortable. XIV. Do not post in chat to say you are leaving or going to sleep. Beyond that, let me and the mods deal with issues in chat. One rule break will get you a time out. We will ban if we see your name coming up multiple times. If someone has been overly rude or antagonistic in a single message, I have in the past and will in the future, skip straight to a ban at my own discretion. ■ For more information, visit: ・ NIJISANJI Official YouTube (EN): ・ NIJISANJI Official Twitter (English account): ・ANYCOLOR Official Website:

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