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【ARMIS COLLAB】 Monster Hunter: World

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A New Old World Thumbnail Art: This video and livestream are being streamed with permission and under license by CAPCOM CO., LTD. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne ©CAPCOM CO., LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ▼X (formerly Twitter) ▼Twitch ----------- 🎙️Starting Voice🎙️ #holoARMIS Starting Voice packs have now released 🛒 --------------------------------------------------------------- 🎶Original group song "BLOODHOUNDS" 🎶 【MV】 Check out the FULL version now! 🛒 --------------------------------------------------------------- ▼HOLOSTARS EN Official Homepage --------------------------------------------------------------- ▼ARMIS ▼ Jurard T Rexford ┗[Channel] ┗[Debut] Goldbullet ┗[Channel] ┗[Debut] Octavio ┗[Channel] ┗[Debut] Crimzon Ruze ┗[Channel] ┗[Debut] --------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: Starting Soon Art: jordizzle Ending Art: JUEEAKI Stinger: moka_ani Starting BGM: SUPER COOL BABY Criminal's Cut BGM: Go Along With Zephyr Ending BGM: DEAD HEAT MAX --------------------------------------------------------------- Fan letters and Gifts Address Present for: Crimzon Ruze COVER Corporation Net Depot Shin-Itabashi 1-6-1 Kaga Itabashi-ku, Tokyo Japan Postal/Zip Code: 173-0003 ----------------------------------- Request from Hololive Productions to underage viewers Please search for [Request To Minors] or click on the link below, to read it and enjoy the video ---------------------------------- For Business Inquiries or General Questions please refer to our contact sheet:

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