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【RP ASMR】I want you on my desk by 9 AM sharp【NIJISANJI EN | Vox Akuma】

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【StreamLabs Donations】 Thumbnail by Asset by !! 【Hashtags】 General - #VoxAkuma LIVE - #VoxPopuLIVE Art - #Akurylic NSFW - #Akumasutra Memes - #AkumaMatata Fans - #Kindred GROUP: #Luxiem 【Credits】 Logo by Overlay by Controller by Intro BGM - The Glory of Combat by Julian Surma Gaming chair by Emotes by ⚠️CHAT RULES⚠️ Simplified CN: Traditional CN: JP: Welcome to the clan! We do things differently here so please read these rules carefully. These show not only how to behave on stream, but should serve as a guideline for if you wish to call yourself kindred. STREAM ETIQUETTE A. Please keep chat relevant to the stream and do not spam, troll or discuss controversial or offensive topics. B. Do not mention another streamer unless I bring them up first, nor should you mention me in any other chat unless I am mentioned first. C. All languages are welcome here, and you will be timed out if you ask people to stop talking in a certain language. D. Absolutely no spoilers or backseating unless directly asked for. E. Do not trauma dump in any way. If you use a supa to do so it will be deleted and I will ignore it. If you are struggling, please seek professional help or call someone, help is available, and you aren't alone; RESPECT When engaging in other parts of the internet, respect those spaces and, if presenting as a kindred, do so with the politeness and kindness you would show other kindred. No matter how much you love being a kindred or love me, never use your passion for this community as an excuse to flame or attack others. If you do so, I do not want your support. You’re also welcome to ship me with anyone you like (with their permission of course) but please remember that your ship is only a fantasy and not to let it influence your world-view. RESPONSIBILITY You are welcome (even encouraged) to treat these streams as a source of warmth, happiness and community. If you associate these feelings with me and develop an attachment, that’s okay too. However, if you become too attached to the degree that it becomes unhealthy or parasocial, I trust you to seek help and to find happiness elsewhere. If you can do this, it will not offend me and I will be proud of you. You’re welcome back anytime as long as your engagement is done so with regards to your health. ACCOUNTABILITY Learn the difference between criticism and hate. Ignore hate, and if it’s in our chat, we’ll remove it. Honest criticism however is welcome and I trust all kindred to listen to criticism and assess it fairly. There is NEVER an excuse to bicker, fight or become defensive when someone wants to help. However, if you’d like to give criticism, please save it for YouTube comments after stream. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ⏰【Luxiem】 【Vox Akuma ヴォックス・アクマ】 【Mysta Rias】 【Ike Eveland】 【Shu Yamino】 【Luca Kaneshiro】 ■ For more information, visit: ・ NIJISANJI Official YouTube (EN): ・ NIJISANJI Official Twitch: ・ NIJISANJI Official Twitter (English account): ・ANYCOLOR Official Website: ・ NIJISANJI Official Reddit: ・ NIJISANJI Official Instagram: ・ NIJISANJI Official Tiktok: ・ NIJISANJI Official Facebook (English account): ・ NIJISANJI Official YouTube (JP): ▽ Guidance for minors

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