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[Need for Speed : Hot Pursuit] Trying to be a Good Cop #3 [NIJISANJI ID]

3,197 views · Uploaded Oct 20, 2021 · Archived Oct 21, 2021

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Tidak mau melihat ku melarat? Beli ramuan MJ buatan Xia! SociaBuzz (Lokal) : Streamlabs (International) : Saatnya mengejar street racer! 📈 Voice Content Xia Ekavira! Voice Pertama Xia Ekavira : ---------------------------------------------------- Rules : INDONESIA Mohon untuk tidak spam chat/komentar ya! Mohon untuk tidak diluar topik pembahasan stream! Selalu ingat perkataanmu bisa menyakiti/membahayakan/menyinggung orang lain, jadi tolong dipertimbakan sebelom ditulis di chat ya! Aku tahu aku tidak jago, jadi tolong jangan backseat, tapi aku akan meminta bantuan mu jika aku stuck Mohon untuk tidak membawa-bawa nama VTuber/ Liver/ Youtuber/ Creator lainnya kecuali aku bahas duluan! ENGLISH Please do not spam the chat/comment section! Please stay on the topic presented on stream! Please remember that your words have the potential to hurt/endanger/offend others so please be mindful before you type them in chat! I know I'm not good at it, so please don't backseat, but I'll ask you for a help if I'm stuck Please do not bring up other VTubers/ Livers/ Youtubers/Content Creators unless I bring it up for discussion first! -------------------------------------------------- Wanna know about me? Follow me on my social media! Facebook Xia: Twitter Xia: -------------------------------------------------- Facebook NIJISANJI ID Official: Twitter NIJISANJI ID Official: NIJISANJI ID Official Merchandise shop: Website ANYCOLOR Inc.: ---------------------------------------------------- Waiting Room BGM : Hope (by Xia Ekavira) Game BGM : Burn It (by Xia Ekavira) Freetalk BGM : New Day (by Xia Ekavira) Sim Rig Art by: @AsteriaRayze ( ----------------------------------------------------

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