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【Pummel Party Collab with Nemurin, Nova, & Kaito!!!!!!】 #ミントLIVE ゲーム配信

1,273 views · Uploaded Dec 10, 2020 · Archived Mar 20, 2021

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お帰りなさいませ、ご主人様、 お嬢様♪ 👻Spiritual offerings: Chat Rules: 1. Be nice or I'll haunt you! 2. Don't spam 3. Be mindful of language and sensitive topics 4. No backseat gaming or spoilers please!! 5. No exorcism spells that may harm the ghost or send her to heaven 6. Please don't bring up other Vtubers by name unless the topic is brought up first by the ghost _________________________________________ Follow everyone!!! 👻Nemurin:鼠ねむりん 👻Nova: 👻Kaito: Hello! 初めまして! My name is Mint Fantôme ミント・ファントームと申します! I hope you'll follow my journey as a new VTuber! よろしくお願いします!!! Follow Me!!! // フォローミー: 👻Twitter: 👻Discord: Tag/タグ⇒ #ミント心霊写真 Stream Tag/配信⇒ #ミントLIVE -- CREDITS: •Mama: @egerik_k_ •Rig: @ArtemizComs •BGM: UTALIVE •Emotes: @thebagelchan •Banner photo: @Shiglet •Intro video: @IanCrucis •End card gif: @chibikki_ikki •Intro video art: @gggpengggg •Chat Background: @Omorphia1 •Brb screen art: @hoopyon #VTuber #EnVTuber

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