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Bonking Mayor At Your Service

719 views 路 Uploaded Jan 25, 2023 Archived Jan 25, 2023

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This game was chosen by Wheel of Streams from Bonkers suggestions! Want to weigh in on the next schedule as well? 鉃★笍 Submit your stream suggestions for the next week schedule here: Stream will be chosen on the next Nikki Weekly stream (live every Sunday)! #NikkiRei #idolHE #NikkiReiLIVE #Vtuber #envtuber 馃尀 !转讜讚讛 砖爪驻讬转诐 馃尀 Thanks for watching! 馃尀 馃挜 馃煛 讬砖 诇讬 注讜讚 讚讘专讬诐 诇住驻专 诇讻诐 讘讟讜讜讬讟专 鈻笍 I have more to tell you on Twitter 馃煛 馃敟 馃敟 Viewers Suggestions Website 鈫 馃挜 馃煛銆愖椬曌ё 讛注专讜抓 鈻笍 Channel Rules銆戰煙 :讘讘拽砖讛 转砖诪专讜 注诇 讛讻诇诇讬诐 讛讘讗讬诐 讻讚讬 砖讻讜诇诐 讬讛谞讜 1. 讚讬讘讜专讬 驻讜诇讬讟讬拽讛, 讚转 讗讜 谞讜砖讗讬诐 专讙讬砖讬诐 讗住讜专讬诐 讘爪讗讟. 2. 讗诇 转讚讘专讜 注诇 住讟专讬诪专讬诐 讗讞专讬诐 讗诇讗 讗诐 讻谉 讛注诇转讬 讗讜转诐. 3. 讗住讜专 诇讛住驻讬诐, 诇拽诇诇 讗讜 诇讻转讜讘 讚讘专讬诐 诇讗 谞注讬诪讬诐. 4. 讘讘拽砖讛 转讚讘专讜 专拽 注诇 谞讜砖讗 讛住讟专讬诐. 5. 讗诇 转注砖讜 讘讗拽-住讬讟讬谞讙, 讝讛 诇讗 谞讞诪讚! 6. 讗诇 转驻专住诪讜 诪讬讚注 讗讬砖讬 注诇讬讻诐 讗讜 注诇 讗谞砖讬诐 讗讞专讬诐. Please follow these rules, so everyone can enjoy the stream more! 1. Political, religious, and sensitive topics are not allowed in chat. 2. Don't talk or bring up other streamers unless I talked about them. 3. Be nice, dont spam or troll. 4. Stay on topic and avoid having private conversations with other viewers. 5. Backseating isn't nice, please avoid doing it. 6. Avoid posting personal information or attempting to dox someone. 馃挜 馃煛銆愖愖欁欁撟曌 鈻笍 idol銆戰煙 YouTube 鈫 Twitter 鈫 Site 鈫 Facebook 鈫 Business 鈫 [email protected] Terms & Fan-work guidance 鈫 Discord 鈫 Reddit 鈫

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