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meow【 cat 】 【NIJISANJI EN | Alban Knox】

18,283 views · Uploaded Apr 2, 2024 · Archived Apr 3, 2024

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meow (but this year it's better) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 【StreamLabs Donations】 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Join the Konbini Crew membership here and get cool perks! : Check out my Voice Pack here!: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 【Hashtags】 General: #AlbanKnox Live: #AlbanLive Art: #AlbanKnoxArt NSFW: #KnoxSFW Memes: #DeezKnox Thumbnail: #AlbanGraphics Fan name: Takaradachi Membership name: Konbini Crew 【Twitter】 【Twitch】 【Reddit】 【CREDITS】All @ 's are on Twitter! Overlays : @kidakupo Graphics: + Stinger: Logo: Chibi VR Model: @Yoolies Ghosting Masures: @planet_m1126 Minecraft Shaders used: SEUS Renewed v1.0.1 Apex overlay: @vanihina Emotes: @sheishii / @teal_cat_art / @Kairuichan / @kyuu2434_ / @ckwai32 Badges: Alerts: @hoopyon Assets: @aoinami41 / @lazehazzze / @natade_co2_ / @veneziarusli / @koumetime / @xiaona38 / @_lynnear / @narangah00 / @_VQ_QU_ Thumbnail art: IRASUTOYA Music by: - Opening - Kaitou Boogie - Ending - A Cat's Yawn DOVA-SYNDROME: Lo-fi tracks by TachibanaMusic!!! : ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 【Viewer Guidelines】 ・Be respectful to other viewers including myself. Any forms of discrimination, harassment, drama, doxing (even speculations), etc. are not welcome here. ・No spam or trolling. Just block, report, and ignore those. ・No spoilers or backseat gaming unless I ask! Thank you! ・Please stay on-topic with the livestream. No unrelated topics or personal side conversations. ・Do not mention other VTubers unless I mention them first. That includes mentioning me in other VTuber’s streams. This is seen as pretty rude! ・You can chat in any language as long as the rules above are followed. ・Guidance for minors: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ⏰「Noctyx」Members Fulgur Ovid Sonny Brisko Uki Violeta ---------------------------------------------------------------------- For more info on NIJISANJI! Twitter (EN) → Website (EN) → Official channel (EN) → Official channel (JP) → Reddit → For Business and PR Inquiries → ---------------------------------------------------------------------- #NIJISANJI_EN #NIJISANJI #にじさんじ #Noctyx #Noctyx_VTuberDebut

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