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【EXIT 8】we're looping【NIJISANJI EN | Selen Tatsuki】

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stop the loop stop the loop stop the loop stop the loop stop the loop stop the loop 「Streamlabs Donations」 「Voice Packs Out」 「Sending Fan Letters」 For Business and PR Inquiries : 「Tags」 GENERAL: #SelenTatsuki LIVE: #TatsuTalk ART: #Artsuki / NSFW: #Lewdsuki FAN NAME: Dragoons MEMES: #Tatsulaugh MUSIC SUGGESTIONS: #TatsuTunes Twitter: Twitch: 「Rules」 ☆ Keep in mind to always be respectful towards other viewers in chat. Any forms of of hate or discrimination to anyone is not permitted. ★ Please stay on topic during the stream. ☆ Sharing personal information (doxing), trolling and spamming is not allowed. Please report, block and ignore. ★ Talking about other unrelated livers is not allowed unless I mention them first. ☆ Please no spoilers unless I’ve asked for them myself! ★ Always bring extra treats for Ember. ─── *.☽ .* ─── 「OBSYDIA」 Petra Gurin (ペトラ グリン) Rosemi Lovelock (ロゼミ ラブロック) ─── *.☽ .* ─── 「Official NIJISANJI Sites」 @nijisanji_en ▽ Guidance for minors ─── *.☽ .* ─── 「Credits」 BGM - DOVA-SYNDROME Thumbnail: #OBSYDIA #NIJISANJI_EN #NIJISANJI #SelenTatsuki #TatsuTalk

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